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256“Altis” group of companies completes the reconstruction of “Kherson” International Airport
• News
17 / 10 / 2022
In November 2015, the group of companies "Altis-Holding" won a tender and signed a contract for the performance of works at Kherson International Airport for the restoration of apron and taxiway coverings, as well as the installation of a drainage system.
As of the current moment, the work is 95% completed. The Altis-Holding group of companies completely restored the platform with an area of 43,000 m², arranged a new RD-2 steering track, and resurfaced the existing RD-1 steering track. A new drainage and drainage system with a length of more than 2.5 km was also arranged with the device of treatment facilities and a new evaporation pool.
In the plans of the Customer of the object - 100% completion of works in 2017 and the beginning of works on the restoration of runway surfaces. Thus, the airport complex will be completely reconstructed, which will give new life to the airport.
A special feature of this project is the restoration of the platform and taxiways by strengthening them. This means that a new slab of cement-concrete pavement with a thickness of 26 cm was laid on top of those places of the platform and taxiways where there was a hard surface. In places where there is an old surface that needs to be repaired, the surface was made of asphalt concrete, work was carried out according to the technology "cold recycling". This made it possible to create an excellent base for the top layer of cement concrete coating.
In total, 50,000 m² of foundations, 65,000 m² of cement-concrete coatings, as well as 2.5 km of the drainage system were completed.
Thanks to the support of the Kherson Regional State Administration, in particular its Head Andrey Gordeev, this project was implemented.
During the implementation of the project, Altis-Holding used the equipment of the leading European companies: SIMEM and WIRTGEN. The following equipment was involved: a foundation stabilization complex, a concrete paving kit SP-850, a mobile concrete mixing plant SIMEM SUPER MOBY MIX 100 and other specialized equipment.
The technologies successfully applied in the execution of this project can be perfectly used in the repair of highways in Ukraine. After all, roads made of cement concrete structure not only have a service life of more than two times longer, but also a significant saving of budget funds in the process of construction and operation, in comparison with asphalt concrete roads.